Spółka komandytowa

About us

Kancelaria Prawnicza A. Całus, A. Kratiuk, M. Szmelter i Wspólnicy Spółka Komandytowa (limited partnership) of Warsaw has been providing legal services continuously since 1991 (between 1991 and 1998, the operations were pursued under the name of Kancelaria Prawna KNS sp. z o.o., while the change of Kancelaria’s legal status and name resulted from legislative amendments regulating the method of carrying out professional activities of legal advisors and attorneys.)

Kancelaria has a long track record of handling transactions in the Republic of Poland as well as experience and knowledge of foreign legal regimes and the Community law, and maintains working relationships with foreign law offices.

Kancelaria’s Clients include domestic and foreign commercial companies and other legal persons, as well as self-empolyed individuals.

Our scope of services encompasses all aspects of legal regulations related to market economy. To address our Clietnt’s needs, we cooperate with experts and specialists in specific business areas as well as chartered accountans and tax advisors.

We provide full-scope advice on expatriate employment in Poland.

We have numerous experiences related to foundations and associations operating as public benefit organizations.

Our legal advice is also offered in foreign languages.